All of our products are 100% NATURAL and do not contain any conservatives, additives and colorants It’s nitrite and nitrate free for all meat products.

Pizza Gourmet

Pizza Gourmet is a new product of La Maison Rouge. Our pizza is the combination of perfectly elaborated dough, premium quality cheese topped with natural products. This distinctive combination creates irresistible flavors and nhances pizza to the levels of astonishing quality.

About Us

La Maison Rouge existence cornerstone is the combination of Excellence, High Quality and Natural ingredients. We are not industrial and we don’t add to any of our products additives , colors and preservatives . There are no nitrates and nitrites in our meat delicatessen, something almost impossible for many nowadays but true for us.

Since several years we put in place and we are improving every single day La Maison Rouge Quality products based on the feedback of our customers.

We strive to introduce the necessity to eat healthy food. Our customers are La Maison Rouge family members, who understand, that by paying the real price of 100 % natural things, they make their best investment because it is for their own health and for their children.

Eat Well , Feel well, Live well!



La Maison Rouge encourages and values partnerships to build a network of professionals sharing common values such as Precision, Quality and Excellence. We favour sustainable and long-term cooperation in order to achieve effective development. For cooperation or distribution issues, please contact us at the following address:

La Maison Rouge LLC
Tel: +374 11 22 21 12